i-Beam Conveyors System

iBeam Conveyor Systems

ArSai offers a complete line of i-Beam conveyors including 3”, 4” and 6” power only, Unibeam™ and Towveyor® towline conveyors. I-Beam conveyors offer some of the most cost-effective and versatile methods for moving products down an assembly line or around a manufacturing facility. The durable conveyors are easy to install and require minimal maintenance.

Heavy duty trolleys associated by a fashioned rivet-less chain ride on an I-beam monorail. Every trolley has a connection point from which a heap carrier can be suspended. A variable speed drive unit gets and moves the chain and therefore the trolleys associated with it; suspended burdens move synchronously, stopping and starting together and moving at a similar speed.

Regular Applications:

Assembly Lines

I-beam monorail's high capacities and extraordinary durability make it a standout amongst the most ordinarily utilized conveyors for industrial sequential construction systems. Equip it with carriers that present burdens at an ergonomic height for convenient access to each side of the work-in-advance. Modify the variable speed controls to move parts at a speed that is suitable to your rate of production. Include optional "indexing" controls if you have to move the conveyor line a pre-set distance between stops.

Paint and Finishing Lines

Mechanize transport of parts in a variety of finishing forms where manual handling would be excessively perilous for specialists or damaging, making it impossible to the item. Utilize corrosion-and warmth resistant I-beam conveyor to move items through chemical washes and curing stoves. Overhead conveyor can incorporate declines and inclines for effective dip lines, and it's additionally profitable in shower stalls where each side of the item should be accessible.