Overhead Conveyors System

Overhead Conveyor Systems

ArSai Conve Systems design and supply overhead type four wheel conveyor systems for handling of materials. This type of conveyor is used for paint shop, for gamma sterilization plant, assembly shop, dip glazing shop for refractory industries. In this type conveyor can be designed with variable speed drive the linear speed can be changed for different application.

An overhead conveyor is a hoisted framework like a story level conveyor belt that is utilized to transport things all through an office. Not at all like a conveyor belt, which is belt-driven, an overhead conveyor is driven by a chain and is impressively more slender. With an overhead conveyor, the conveyor can be brought sufficiently high up in a few zones so laborers can stroll under the conveyor. Overhead conveyors which move consequently through the generation procedure on a rail are utilized for the transportation of numerous parts. A specific least separation is required so segments don't slam into each other amid the vehicle.

Types of overhead conveyors are Storage Overhead Conveyor, Fan Testing Overhead Conveyor, Oven Overhead Conveyor, Cylinder Overhead Conveyor, Painting Line Conveyor, Four wheel conveyors, Moniorail Overhead conveyor