Scrap Conveyors System

Scrap Handling Conveyor

ArSai Conve Systems offers scraping conveyor or scrap handling conveyor which can handle course dirt in bulk. We make the best Scrap Conveyor in the whole business. They can be designed in several forms: inserted in a machine tunnel or placed at the bottom of dirty fluid holding tank. They can be used in combination with a variety of filtration / separation devices. Several wipers are attached to a moving chain placed in trough (tank) holding dirty cutting fluid and the sedimented course dirt is moved along with the wipers in a bin placed at one end of trough.

Unlike others in the industry, ArSai Conve Systems will manufacture your product and engineer Parts on site. Here at ArSai Conve Systems, we donít just sell materials handling solutions; we supply equipment and parts for our own machines as well as popular industry models.